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The team at La Maison Palmier boutique hotel has many years of experience in the luxury hotel industry. It is locally and internationally diverse and offers guests a unique, warm, and friendly welcome.

La Maison Palmier began by combining its founder’s personal experience as a business traveller, family history in Abidjan, and desire to give the city a chic, original, and welcoming contemporary hotel with a passion for hospitality and firm roots in design and state-of-the-art architecture.

La Maison Palmier is the first boutique hotel in West and Central Africa to be affiliated with Design Hotels, an avant-garde group and worldwide pioneer in boutique hotels in New York, Paris, London, and the up-and-coming Shanghai, Mexico City, and Nairobi. La Maison Palmier offers 74 rooms and suites spread over the residential area of Les Deux Plateaux.

Our Philosophy: The journey within the journey

Contemporary oasis

La Maison Palmier hotel cultivates its contemporary multicultural spirit on a human scale. This relaxing haven at the heart of a vibrant economic capital is also a lively place where people meet; international travellers encounter all of Abidjan here – at the bar, on the terrace, and in the restaurant. La Maison Palmier fits beautifully into its surroundings, and each stay has a special feel of genuine kindness.

Behind the spectacular entrance is a heterogeneous space that is open, calm, and 15 minutes from the business centre. La Maison Palmier offers a unique experience: a personalized welcome greeting, impeccable design, fresh gastronomic food, top-of-the-line services and facilities, all to make you feel right at home – with added palm trees.

A personalized welcome greeting, sophisticated design, fresh comfort food, top-of-the-line services and facilities, all to make you feel right at home – with added palm trees. just put “with palm trees”

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Design: A Patchwork of Influences


La Maison Palmier’s architecture and interior design by Désiré M'Bengue and Maxime Liautard is experienced like a travel log blog. Raw materials, natural colours, Terrazzo floors, and works of art mark the spirit of this tropical haven’s interior. Bespoke lighting, carpets, and seating accentuate the remarkable layout design of the ceilings and wood panelling. Outside of the hotel, projected shadows and paths lined with 200 varieties of palm trees converge at the swimming pool checkered in green marble. The space radiates tranquillity and exotic escape.

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Rooms & Suites

Le Bistrot Palmier


brunch du nouvel an 2024

Réveillon DU NOUVEL AN

Réveillon Noël

La Maison Palmier


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